Hello Everyone,


Due to the delay of Back to the 80s, there is an odd gap in the schedule for second semester theatre.


The best solution devised for the fairness of all involved is as follows:


Auditions for the next productions will be this week on Thursday January 5th and Friday January 6th.  Students will know by Monday January 9th if they need to register for the second semester of theatre.  Your young actor does not need to register for theatre club unless they are cast in one of the Spring productions.


We are performing two plays but they are smaller casts so not all students will be cast in the spring semester.  Those that are cast will start rehearsal the last week of January after Back to the 80s Junior has performed. (Those in the Intermediate production will start in February.)


Second semester theatre is as follows:

Seussification of Midsummer Night’s Dream;  (2nd-5th grade)

Monday 3:15- 5:00

Thursday 3:15-4:20


Puffs the Play (5th-10th grade)

Tuesday 3:15- 5:00

Thursday 3:15- 5:30


I will answer any questions I can.  Please email me (bbuth@harmonytx.org)

Ms. Buth