Dear HSE Families,

When the COVID-19 pandemic first began, we promised our families that our response would always be focused on keeping our entire Harmony community safe as well as on our students’ continued education. 

Today, we are sharing with you an important update about the reopening of HSE, including more detailed information about how that determination was made and the specific steps we are taking toward reopening.

As a school system that places a heavy emphasis on science and math, we ensured that all of our decisions would be based on the most reliable data available, from sources like the Harvard University Data Center, the Texas Education Agency, the Texas Department of State Health Services, our city and county health agencies, and information from our neighboring school systems.

From this data, Harmony Public Schools developed a four-stage reopening plan for its 58 campuses across Texas that allows each school to determine their individual reopening plan based on the specific COVID-19 conditions in their community.

HSE is currently phasing-out of Stage 1 and will begin transitioning into Stage 2 on Monday, September 14th. Stage 2 will continue virtual learning with a limited number of on-campus students in a learning center setting. During Stage 2, in-person will be available to a targeted group of students, determined by the administration to have an immediate need due to absenteeism.

Ultimately, our campus is preparing to move to Stage 4 on Monday, October 12th, dependent on local COVID-19 conditions and TEA guidelines.  Below is a summary of the HSE transition plan: 

  • September 14th – Stage 2 
  • October 5th – Staff returns
  • October 12th – Stage 4 – Students who opted for in-person learning return to campus

Thank you for your support during these unprecedented times and for helping keep our students safe and focused on learning.  We will continue to keep you updated as new developments take place.

If you have any further questions, please contact Mr. Pine at


Mugire Ayci, Principal