All students in 5th through 8th grade will be required to use only clear backpacks. Kindergarten through 4th grade students will be allowed to continue using traditional backpacks; however, clear is preferred.  There is no size specification on the clear backpacks as long as they are able to fit properly into lockers.   Click here for a printable version of the FAQ

Backpack FAQ:

Where can we purchase clear backpacks?

Clear HSE backpacks will be sold at the Orientation on Friday, August 9th, for $15 each.  Other establishments also carry clear backpacks.

What students are required to use clear backpack?

This policy is for students 5th-8th only. Optional for K-4th

Are there any size specifications for the clear backpacks?

No, there are no size specifications, as long as they can fit comfortably in the lockers.

Are mesh backpacks allowed?

No, mesh backpacks are not allowed, only clear backpacks.

Can the clear backpacks have mesh pockets?

Yes, mesh side pockets are allowed on the clear backpacks.

Are transparent colored backpacks allowed?

No, all backpacks must be clear.

Are stripes allowed on the clear backpacks?

No, stripes or other large designs are not allowed on the backpacks.

Can the backpack have colored straps?

Yes, colored straps are allowed.

Are company trademarked logos allowed on the front of the backpack?

Yes, small logos are allowed (smaller than 4” diameter).

Are monograms allowed on the front of the backpack?

Yes, small monograms are allowed (smaller than 4” diameter)

Are lunch kits permitted? 

Yes, normal, non-transparent lunch kits are permitted no larger than 6”x9”x5”


Can small non-transparent bags be carried in the backpack?

Yes. Students are limited to two non-transparent 6” x 9” bags (lunch kits, purses, pouches) regardless of whether they are carried inside or outside the backpack.

Is this an invasion of privacy?

We understand the concern regarding the privacy of certain items contained within backpacks. Students will be permitted to carry such items in a small makeup pouch or purse within the backpack.

Can students line/decorate the inside of the backpack?

No. Fabric, wallpaper or any other material that conceals the contents of the backpack is not permitted.

Can you show me examples of clear backpacks students can and cannot use?


Clear Backpack Examples