Hello HSE Parents,

We hope you all are enjoying this final month of summer before the school begins.  With the school year quickly approaching, our PTO is reaching out with a reminder of the board positions that are still open for the 2019-2020 upcoming school year.  We are excited to have a returning Secretary, 2 returning Workroom Coordinators and a new Homeroom Parent Coordinator locked into place.

We regret to inform you that some of the returning board members will no longer be able to serve due to work transfers and unexpected circumstances. That is why we have quite a few openings on the board for the upcoming school year. Your help is greatly appreciated in order to continue to serve our students and accomplish our goals.

There have been some changes to the board positions from previous years to create an easier flow to all that the PTO does for the staff and students.  We will also have several sub-committees within each position.  Below is a list of board positions, if you are interested in hearing more about any position or subcommittee options, please reach out to us.

The Board consists of 7 positions with several subcommittee options listed in the attached chart: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Student Engagement, Staff Support and Fundraising

This is a great opportunity for you to be a part of the heartbeat of the school, our PTO.  The PTO takes care of our students with little things from hot chocolate on the polar express day and Kona Ice on the field day to the big fundraising with I-Fest and Fun Run.  In the past, the money has gone to the turf, outside water fountain, playground and more.  This past year we were able to raise money for a safety crosswalk from the school to the playground area and in-school educational field trips for all grades from K-8th.  The PTO also makes sure our amazing staff is taken care of with Staff Appreciation dinners, I-Fest silent auction baskets, Teacher appreciation week and the list goes on.

Without a proper board, we can not continue to serve our school.  Our board of all working moms last year showed that we as parents can have it all, be actively involved in our children’s school and work.  We are wanting to have all positions closed by August 1st.  If you have questions about positions, commitment  please reach out to PTO at hsepto@gmail.com

Here is the link for our PTO form: https://forms.gle/o4VM1bBr1V1e92zq9

Thank you for your interest and here’s to the start of a great school year!



pto organization chart

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Parents: School supply ordering for next year is still available! Prices vary by grade. You can even delete items from the box that you don’t need. Pick up will be on orientation day, August 9, AND you’ll be able to drop them off in your child’s classroom the same day! Click on the link to create an account and order!



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