HSE Tigers³ Rubik's SpeedLeague Team

Rubik’s Cube SpeedLeague sent out a press release announcing the accomplishments of our own HSE Tigers³ on both the state and national level.  The team – including Mark E., Shreyas R., Sohan K., Johan B., Catalina L., and Jade C. – competed at the Houston Spring 2019 Rubik’s Cube Challenge, where the team solved 25 2×2 Rubik’s Cubes in 1:30 (one minute, thirty seconds), ranking them 3rd in the state and earning the Tigers³ the Elite Team distinction.

During the solo portion of the competition, Mark and Shreyas each solved a single 2×2 Rubik’s Cube in 4.3 and 4.4 seconds, respectively, earning them the honor of Elite Solver. These times ranked Mark as 1st in the state and 2nd nationally among elementary school students. Shreyas ranks 1st in the state alongside Johan who ranks 5th among middle school students who competed at You CAN Do the Rubik’s Cube competitions during the 2018/19 school year.

The Speed League is the national leaderboard of the fastest elementary, middle, and high school teams as well as solo competitors in the U.S. who have solved the Rubik’s Cube during You CAN Do the Rubik’s Cube competitions. The leaderboard shows the rank, school and time of the fastest teams and solo competitors. Results can be filtered by event, state, date, and/or division (kindergarten through fifth grade – Division 1, sixth through eighth grade – Division 2, and ninth through twelfth grade – Division 3).

Click here for the full HSE Rubik’s Press Release

HSE Earns Honor Roll Distinction from ERP

HSE has been named to the Educational Results Partnership 2018 – 2019 Honor Roll for its high achievement in student success. The program is part of a national effort to identify higher-performing schools and districts that are improving student outcomes. Schools that receive the Honor Roll distinction have demonstrated consistent high levels of student academic achievement, improvement in achievement levels over time, and a reduction in achievement gaps among student populations.

In Texas, the Honor Roll program is supported by numerous businesses and organizations, including the Texas Business Leadership Council, American Automobile Association (AAA) Texas, Macy’s, Wells Fargo, Chevron Corporation and Enterprise Holdings Foundation.

To access the Honor Roll, visit www.edresults.org .

Congratulations to our teachers, students, and staff on this incredible achievement! Harmony Public Schools Educational Results Partnership

“We are very happy to continue to reward our staff for their dedication to excellence,” said Fatih Ay, CEO of Harmony Public Schools. “Every year our 34,000 plus students consistently exceed state education standards. Our teacher’s hard work is recognized annually by major publications, such as US News Best High Schools, and noted children’s advocacy groups.”

In addition to a base salary increase of between $3,500 & $5,000, teachers will be awarded a stipend of $1,000 if they have between 5 and 9 years of classroom experience. Those with more than 10 years’ experience will receive $2,000. “We see this as an investment not only in our teachers but in our students as well,” Ay said.

The new salary schedule follows Governor Greg Abbott’s signing of the $11.5 Billion school finance reform package. Harmony chose to target additional funding into pay & benefits for teachers and staff. These increases have been presented to the HPS Board of Directors, and will be up for approval after receiving regulations from TEA.

Harmony Proposed Pay Increases